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Current Numbers of Women Officeholders

This page contains current numbers of women officeholders with links on the right to basic fact sheets for each level of office. For more detailed information about each level of office, including additional current and historical fact sheets, use the links in the bar on the left.

Please note: Fact sheets listed below are updated every two weeks or less frequently if there are no changes. A list of changes not yet incorporated into our fact sheets is available (as of 5/28/15) on our fact sheet addendum.

Federal Executive
(Cabinet and cabinet-
level positions)

Fact sheet: Obama's Executive Appointments
U.S. Supreme Court    
    Fact sheet: Women on the U.S. Supreme Court
Congress (total) 104  (76D, 28R - 19.4% of 535 seats)  
   U.S. Senate   20  (14D, 6R - 20% of 100 seats)  
   U.S. House   84  (62D, 22R - 19.3% of 435 seats)  
    Fact sheet: Women in the U. S. Congress 2015
_________ Women in the U.S. Senate 1922-2015
_________ Women in the U.S. House 2015
Statewide Executive
(total, includes governor,
lt. governor and other
statewide elected officials)
  79  (36D, 42R, 1NP* - 24.8% of 318 positions)  
Governor   6  (3D, 3R)
    Fact sheet:
Statewide Elective Executive Women 2015+
+Fact sheet addendum as of 5/28/15 available
St. Legislature (total) 1,789  (1,069D, 705R, 10NP*, 4Ind., I WFP* -   24.2% of 7,383 seats)
   Senate   437 

(259D, 167R, 10NP*, 1Ind. - 22.2% of 1,972 seats)

  House/Assem.   1,352  (810D, 538R, 3I, 1WFP* - 25.0% of 5,411 seats)  
    Fact sheet:
Women in State Legislatures 2015
Mayors (as of 02/2015)      
Cities over 30,000  245  (17.6% of 1,392 cities over 30,000)  
100 largest cities  16  (16% of 100 largest cities)  
    Fact sheet: Women Mayors in U.S. Cities  
Overview (summary information for all levels of office)*  
Fact sheet:    Women in Elective Office 2015
   Women of Color in Elective Office 2015

+Fact sheet addendum as of 5/28/15 available

* NP = nonpartisan; Prg. = Progressive; WFP = Working Families Party