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Election 2013: Women Candidates

  (as of 12/11/13)

Below are listed candidates for statewide and state legislative offices in New Jersey and Virginia, the only states holding such elections in 2013. Also listed below is a special election for Congress to be held in Massachusetts on 12/10/13.

Historical summary by state of women state legislative major party candidates, winners and holdovers, 1992-2012 available here.

General Seat Codes: I=Incumbent, O=Open Seat, C=Challenger, I/U=Incumbent Unopposed, O/U=Open Unopposed, O?=Open seat if defeats Incumbent in Primary.

Special Elections for Congress in 2013
State Office Dist. Candidate Name & Party General
MA primary 10/15/13, special election 12/10/13
  U.S. Rep. 05 Katherine Clark (D) O WON
Statewide and State Legislative Elections
NJ Primary 6/4/13 District Candidate (party) General
  Gov.   Barbara Buono (D) C Lost
  Lt. Gov.   Kim Guadagno (R) I Won
  Lt. Gov.   Milly Silva (D) C Lost
     St. Senate 20 (11D, 9R) Filed, Won Pri. 15 (9D, 6R)    
St. Sen. 01 Susan Adelizi-Schmidt (R) C Lost
St. Sen. 03 Niki Trunk (R) C Lost
St. Sen. 07 Diane Allen (R) I WON
St. Sen. 08 Dawn Marie Addiego (R) I WON
St. Sen. 11 Jennifer Beck (R) I WON
St. Sen. 14 Linda R. Greenstein (D) I WON
St. Sen. 15 Shirley K. Turner (D) I WON
St. Sen. 26 Avery Ann Hart (D) C Lost
St. Sen. 29 M. Teresa Ruiz (D) I WON
St. Sen. 31 Sandra Bolden Cunningham (D) I WON
St. Sen. 31 Maria Karczewski (R) C Lost
St. Sen. 34 Nia H. Gill (D) I WON
St. Sen. 35 Nellie Pou (D) I WON
St. Sen. 37 Loretta Weinberg (D) I WON
St. Sen. 39 Jane "Jan" E. Bidwell (D) C Lost
     St. Assembly Filed 59 (30D, 29R), Won Pri. 52 (26D, 26R)
St. Assem. 01 Kristine Gabor (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 03 Celeste M. Riley (D) I WON
St. Assem. 04 Gabriela M. Mosquera (D) I WON
St. Assem. 06 Pamela R. Lampitt (D) I WON
St. Assem. 06 Chris Leone-Zwillinger (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 07 Constance Hare Murray (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 08 Ava Markey (D) O Lost
St. Assem. 08 Maria Rodriguez Gregg (R) O WON
St. Assem. 09 DiAnne C. Gove (R) I WON
St. Assem. 10 Susan Kane (D) C Lost
St. Assem. 10 Amber Gesslein (D) C Lost
St. Assem. 11 Mary Pat Angelini (R) I WON
St. Assem. 11 Caroline Casagrande (R) I WON
St. Assem. 13 Amy Handlin (R) I WON
St. Assem. 13 Allison Friedman (D) C Lost
St. Assem. 15 Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) I WON
St. Assem. 15 Kim Taylor (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 16 Marie Corfield (D) C Lost
St. Assem. 16 Ida Ochoteco (D) C Lost
St. Assem. 16 Donna M. Simon (R) I WON
St. Assem. 18 Nancy Pinkin (D) O WON
St. Assem. 18 Lisa Goldhamer (R) O Lost
St. Assem. 19 Stephanie Ziemba (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 20 Annette Quijano (D) I WON
St. Assem. 21 Jill Anne Lazare (D) C Lost
St. Assem. 21 Nancy Munoz (R) I WON
St. Assem. 22 Linda Stender (D) I WON
St. Assem. 24 Susan M. Williams (D) C Lost
St. Assem. 24 Alison Littel McHose (R) I WON
St. Assem. 26 Bettylou De Croce (R) I WON
St. Assem. 27 Mila M. Jasey (D) I WON
St. Assem. 27 Laura M. Ali (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 28 Cleopatra G. Tucker (D) I WON
St. Assem. 29 L. Grace Spencer (D) I WON
St. Assem. 29 Eliana Pintor Marin (D) I WON
St. Assem. 29 Aracelis Sanabria Tejada (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 29 Elaine L. Guarino (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 30 Lorelei Rouvans (D) C Lost
St. Assem. 31 Juanita Lopez (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 32 Angelica M. Jimenez (D) I WON
St. Assem. 32 Maria Malavasi-Quartello (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 32 Lee Marie Gomez (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 34 Sheila Y. Oliver (D) I WON
St. Assem. 35 Shavonda E. Sumter (D) I WON
St. Assem. 35 Rhina Tavarez (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 35 Maria Del Pilar Rivas (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 36 Marlene Caride (D) I WON
St. Assem. 36 Rosina Romano (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 37 Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D) I WON
St. Assem. 37 Stephanie Shellenberger (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 37 Dierdre G. Paul (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 38 Joan Fragala (R) C Lost
St. Assem. 39 Donna C. Abene (D) O Lost
St. Assem. 39 Holly Schepisi (R) I WON
VA  No St. Senate elections in 2013; St Del. Filed: 33 (25D, 8R), Won Pri.: 31 (24D, 7R)
     St. Del. 16 Elizabeth Jones (D) O Lost
  St. Del. 17 Freeda Cathcart (D) C Lost
St. Del. 21 Susan Hippen (D) C Lost
St. Del. 22 Kathy J. Byron (R) I WON
St. Del. 22 Katie Webb Cyphert (D) C Lost
St. Del. 27 Roxann L. Robinson (R) I/U WON
St. Del. 30 Traci Dippert (D) C Lost
St. Del. 32 Liz Miller (D) C Lost
St. Del. 33 Mary Lou Costello Daniel (D) O Lost
St. Del. 34 Barbara J. Comstock (R) I WON
St. Del. 34 Kathleen Murphy (D) C Lost
St. Del. 35 Leiann Leppin Luse (R) C Lost
St. Del. 37 Patrice M. Winter (R) C Lost
St. Del. 38 Kaye Kory (D) I/U WON
St. Del. 39 Vivian E. Watts (D) I/U WON
St. Del. 41 Eileen R. Filler-Corn (D) I WON
St. Del. 46 Charniele L. Herring (D) I/U WON
St. Del. 55 Toni Radler (D) O Lost
St. Del. 63 Rosalyn R. Dance (D) I/U WON
St. Del. 69 Betsy Brooks Carr (D) I/U WON
St. Del. 70 Delores L. McQuinn (D) I/U WON
St. Del. 71 Jennifer L. McClellan (D) I WON
St. Del. 75 Roslyn C. Tyler (D) I WON
St. Del. 78 Linda Bryant (D) C Lost
St. Del. 86 Jennifer Boysko (D) C TOTC
St. Del. 88 Kathleen O'Halloran (D) C Lost
St. Del. 89 Daun Sessoms Hester (D) I/U WON
St. Del. 92 Jeion Joyner Ward (D) I/U WON
St. Del. 95  Mamye E. BaCote (D) I WON
  St. Del. 96  Brenda L. Pogge (R) I/U WON
  St. Del. 99 Margaret Ransone (R) I/U WON