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CAWP Election Watch

Women candidates and their campaigns: the latest info, trends and historical context.

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Ready to Run

A bi-partisan national effort to recruit and train women to run for all levels of office.

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 New Leadership

CAWP's national initiative to educate and empower the next generation of women leaders.

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Education and Training

Ready to Run®

CAWP offers comprehensive campaign trainings and resources to help women run and win elective office.


NEW Leadership™

CAWP is committed to empowering and educating students through programs which teach about women’s participation in politics and policymaking, cultivate leadership skills, and build networks between participants and community leaders.


Teach a Girl to Lead™

Teach a Girl to Lead™ provides the tools and resources to help young people rethink leadership and refocus the picture, because if a girl can't imagine a woman leader, how can she become one? And if a boy sees only men in leadership roles, what will convince him to support aspiring women leaders?  CAWP created this project to inspire girls and young women to follow in the footsteps of women leaders, past and present. Making women's political leadership visible to America's youth will help both boys and girls grow up with more inclusive ideas about who can lead.

CAWP Internships

Internships at CAWP are generally unpaid, volunteer positions. In some cases, course credit for internships is available. Each semester, interns work on a variety of tasks related to CAWP's many programs. Interested students are invited to review our website and consider which program areas are of greatest interest before reaching out to see whether an internship is available that fits your interests/skills and our needs.

The 2012 Project

The 2012 Project was a national, non-partisan campaign created by political consultant Mary Hughes in collaboration with the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) to increase the number of women in Congress and state legislatures by taking advantage of the once-in-a-decade opportunities of 2012.

Senator Wynona Lipman Chair

The Lipman Chair was created to honor the legacy of the late state senator, the first African American woman in the New Jersey legislature. The Chair is intended to celebrate Senator Lipman, remind people of her achievements, and encourage others to follow in the footsteps of this path-breaking African American woman leader.

Pathways to Politics

Pathways to Politics brings teen-age Girl Scouts from around the nation to CAWP for two weeks to learn about women's political participation.

CAWP Leadership Awards

The Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), a unit of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers, recognizes the accomplishments and leadership potential of students from Douglass Residential College with three annual awards.

Permission to Reproduce CAWP Materials:

Reproduction of information on the CAWP website for non-commercial purposes is encouraged, provided that clear and visible credit is given to Center for American Women and Politics, Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers University. Any information reproduced must include footnotes/endnotes which apply to that information. Commercial reproduction requires prior permission in writing from the Center for American Women and Politics. All CAWP fact sheets are available on this web site and may be downloaded and copied as needed.